Drinking water fountains

We’re committed to making our world-class tap water more accessible when you’re on the move, helping to drastically reduce the 16 million plastic bottles that end up in landfill, rivers and oceans, every day, in the UK. As part of our plans, we have joined forces with the Mayor of London to introduce drinking water fountains across the capital.

Water fountains for London

We’ll introduce over 100 new water fountains across London over the next three years, with the first due to be installed in summer 2019. These will provide free access to our high-quality tap water, to anyone traveling in and around London - so you can enjoy the taste and prevent plastic waste.

Why fountains?

The average Londoner buys 175 bottles of water each year, but nearly half aren’t recycled, which means they end up in the landfill or polluting our rivers and oceans. By topping up with our tap water on the go at one of our easily accessible fountains, together we can all drive down the millions of plastic bottles that are used once and then go to waste, creating a better future for our region and our planet.

  • Bottled water also costs 500 times more than tap water. Just one litre of our world-class tap water costs less than a fifth of a penny.

Ideal locations

Ideal locations for the fountains are places meeting the following criteria:

  • Open to the public and easily accessible for at least 8 hours a day
  • Doesn’t already have a fountain or sink supplying drinking water
  • Has a lot of people passing through.

We’ll be installing a range of fountains that are both free-standing and wall-mounted, with bottle and drinking taps available. The fountains will be our assets, which mean we’ll need access to maintain and clean them.

This project is part of our wider initiative to make tap water more accessible across our region.