How we will build the upgrade

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We have to keep the sewage works running throughout the construction period to continue to meet the existing standards set by the Environment Agency.

This means we have to build the upgrade in a number of phases and it is likely to take approximately three years to complete.

Interactive site map

We’ve created a map of the Deephams site that lets you explore each phase of construction to find out what we’re planning to do and when.

Launch map

The alternative ways of building the upgrade we have considered

As part of the first phase of consultation in 2012, we looked at other sites where we could potentially have built the upgrade, but none of them were as suitable as the current sewage works site.

We also looked at different designs and ways of fitting the new tanks and treatment equipment onto the existing site. This means that as well as the proposed layout for the upgrade, we have also considered the layout shown in the plan below.

This alternative design would have been built in one phase, and involved knocking down the existing treatment tanks towards the northern boundary of the site and building two sets of new primary, secondary and final treatment tanks in their place.

Once the new treatment tanks were built and switched on, the rest of the old tanks would no longer have be needed and so would have be emptied, cleaned and knocked down. This would have left a larger area in the middle of the site for any further work that might be needed in the future.

This design would have been slightly quicker to build than our proposed design and would have meant fitting more treatment tanks into a smaller area of the site. It would have moved treatment tanks closer to the northern boundary of the site and removed some of the earth bank between the site and the houses along Picketts Lock Lane. It is not as suitable as our proposed layout for the upgrade.

What the site will look like after the upgrade


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