Getting planning permission

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We submitted our planning application for permission to build the upgrade to the London Borough of Enfield in June 2014.

Click the link below to view and download the key documents from our planning application submission.

Key planning application documents

Deciding whether the upgrade will go ahead

The borough’s Planning Committee are responsible for deciding upon our application, and will take into account the views of local people and consultees. The Greater London Authority will also provide its comments on our planning application during this process, to make sure our proposals meet the requirements of the London Plan.

How to comment on the planning application

All comments on the planning application must be sent to the London Borough of Enfield and not to Thames Water.

In July 2014, the Council will give local residents the opportunity to comment on the proposals and these comments will be taken into account as part of the assessment process.

The Council’s Planning Committee will then be responsible for deciding our planning application, and will take into account the views of local people before making its decision.

Details on how to make comments to the Council on the planning application, will be available on Enfield council's website.

You can also contact the Council about the planning application for the upgrade in the following ways:

By email

Email the Council at

By post

Write to the Council at the following address:

Richard Laws

Development Management

London Borough of Enfield

Civic Centre

Silver Street


What happens after the planning application has been submitted

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