Phase 2 consultation results

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Our second phase of public consultation ran from 18 February to 8 April 2014.

During these seven weeks of consultation, we held 11 drop-in sessions at local venues and spoke to over 900 people about our proposals for the upgrade.

We also handed out more than 2400 leaflets at Edmonton Green and Silver Street stations, as well as presenting our proposals to over 180 local people at community meetings in the local area.

What we asked

We asked local residents, businesses and stakeholders to give us their feedback on how we plan to:

  • Build the upgrade and the proposed layout
  • Reduce odour from the sewage works
  • Reduce noise and dust during construction
  • Manage construction traffic
  • Reduce any impacts on the environment
  • Provide benefits for the local community
    • We also received comments on our proposals in general and how they might be improved.

Key findings

The overwhelming majority of responses support our proposals for the upgrade:

  • Most respondents support our plans to significantly reduce the smell from the sewage works
  • However, the London Borough of Enfield and many local residents want us to do more to reduce the smell as much as possible
  • We know that reducing odour is the most important issue for local residents and, following the consultation, we have developed our plans so that we will be able to reduce the smell from the sewage works even further
  • This will mean that the number of properties in the area most affected by the smell will be reduced by 99 per cent
  • Respondents were also concerned about the how the construction of the upgrade may affect local residents and the environment

What happens next?

We submitted our planning application for permission to build the upgrade to the London Borough of Enfield in June 2014.

In July 2014, the Council will give local residents the opportunity to comment on the proposals and these comments will be taken into account as part of the assessment process.

The Council’s Planning Committee will then be responsible for deciding our planning application, and will take into account the views of local people before making its decision.

Details on how to make comments to the Council on the planning application, will be available on Enfield council's website.

Visit our Getting planning permission page to find out more about our planning application for the upgrade.

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