Phase 1 consultation results

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Our 16-week, phase 1 public consultation ran from 4 July to 24 October 2012.

We asked for your views on the need for the upgrade, our preferred site (which remains the existing sewage works) and the 21 other sites we have looked at, the range of sewage treatment options we are considering and initial ideas on building the upgrade.

We received feedback on our proposals from the public, local and national stakeholders and regulators. There was clear support for the need to upgrade the works and most people agreed that this redevelopment should be built on the existing site.

A small number of local residents disagreed with this and suggested alternative sites, but after carefully looking at each of these sites again, none of them is more suitable.

Reducing odour, noise, traffic and other disruption while we build and operate the upgraded works, were the most important issues for most people.

Taking all the feedback into account, the existing site remained the best option for building the upgrade and so we confirmed it as our preferred site.

We’ve produced a leaflet summarising how we carried out the consultation, who took part, the feedback we received and how we responded, which you can download below.

What you said and how we're responding (.pdf)

If you would like more information on the comments we received during this consultation and our responses, please see our Phase 1 Consultation Feedback Report.

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